GDMS - Galaxie Defense Marketing Services

GDMS has the expertise to assist clients in obtaining and renewing GSA Schedules, Seaport e Schedules and other contract vehicles that are essential to federal marketplace sales.

We support clients in:

  • Contract Identification and Negotiation. GDMS is registered on e-commerce sites important to its clients to ensure identification of all applicable RFP/RFQs. We also monitor government agency announcements regarding upcoming programs and other funded activities pertaining to procurement of products or services.

  • Price Lists. GDMS works with clients to develop and file an electronic version of their authorized price list with the GSA and other government agencies. We can also upload awarded price lists to GSA Advantage!

  • Registration and Reporting. GDMS helps clients meet the broad variety of government registration and reporting deadlines including:
    • Registration with the GSA Vendor Support Center for 72A reports
    • Maintenance of 72A files and contracts
    • Reporting of quarterly sales o Annual registrations and reports with Online Representations and Certification Applications (ORCA), Central Contract Registration (CCR), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), among others.

  • Contract Modifications and Updates. GDMS tracks modifications issued by government agencies and by GSA to ensure client compliance and response if needed. Other services include monitoring of Economic Price Adjustment modifications, submission of modifications to GSA contracts via eMod, contractor requested modifications as well as associated GSA Advantage!


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