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Galaxie Defense Marketing Services (GDMS) was founded in 1978 to support customer sales to government agencies. Since that time, the company has grown to a team of 12 associates with more than 350 man-years of defense industry-related experience. Our representatives are strategically located from Southern California and Utah, to Washington State, the Midwest and the Southeastern U.S. Based on our comprehensive knowledge of defense department requirements, GDMS is uniquely equipped to effectively sell client products to OEMs and the DoD. We also provide clients with business development and GSA contract services.

Galaxie principals and most of our associates have served as distinguished members of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corp and Air Force. The group is active in many defense industry organizations and attends professional meetings throughout the country each year. GDMS personnel have worked for many of the leading aerospace and defense companies, such as Raytheon, BAE, General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrup Grumman, Hughes, Honeywell and Alliant Techsystems. Specific areas of expertise range from product research, design, development and engineering to manufacturing and marketing. Among the technologies and industries in which we have particular strengths are: advanced weaponry, communications software, avionics and electronics installed on unmanned vehicles, missiles and advanced aircraft, submarines, surface ships and more.

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